Somlyó 2019

Traditional Pinot Blanc - after all these years, perhaps I can say we can make it properly. However, we have also decided to show it to you from different concentrated perspectives. What’s more, you can have it all from a single bottle. We have tried to put everything in it that we have learned throughout the years, everything that we inherited and everything that we believe in. Our legacy is our love and respect for Pinot Blanc, as well as our knowledge and skills in how to make wine in a traditional way. In the meantime, on our way to the present, we have also learned how to do it in the possibly most natural way. Should it ferment on berries, or perhaps should we add hand selected berries to the fermenting must? How fun it will be to take the berries out of the casks…..who cares if the result will be so unique. And finally here it comes, our beloved Somlyó that we are so much proud of.  

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