We are always more than pleased to show you how we work and what we believe in, and we will try to make you capture the feeling that drives us every day. A pleasant wine tasting will give you an opportunity to get to know what our philosophy is, what tradition means to us, how we constantly strive for wine making that is as natural as possible, and undoubtedly we will also aim to pass on a bit of our commitment to you as well.

We will be glad to show you the sacred land where our vines grow, and the cellar that provides ideal conditions for fermentation and maturing. You can taste our wines directly from the barrels, since we have nothing to hide: we are also only observers of the processes, because we do not want to interfere with nature’s ways. 

We can accommodate 12-14 people for a tasting, but you are welcome to come alone as well. Based on your request, we can offer you nibbles to accompany the wine as well as a full meal. How about some lamb stew made with meat from our free-range racka sheep herd, or just some homemade eggplant cream with sourdough bread? 

Just get in touch with us via e-mail or just simply call us, and we will be pleased to welcome you, of course, if the pandemic situation makes it possible.